Hopeful Wanderer: Volume 1 Of My Life On The Road

Hopeful Wanderer: Volume 1 Of My Life On The Road


Hopeful Wanderer documents the journey of photographer and adventurer Joshua K. Winders. Delve into the grand explorations of overcoming fear, pressing into the unknown, and finding what make one feel most alive. Hopeful Wanderer dives into the trying story of some of the rough and personal struggles of a traveling artist, as well as the acceptance of beauty and wonder found in experiences from coast to coast. This book features hundreds of photos from the rustic coast of central California to the dusty expanse of the American West, as well as several stories from an adventurous life on the road. Leap into this grand journey of beauty, struggle, and immeasurable wonder.

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  • 262 pages
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Paperback matte cover
  • Published on February 29th, 2016

Notable Excerpts

"Courage is the denouncement of self that allows you to push past fear. I feel like my story really and trully startd the day that I found my courage, when fear puched me and I finally pushed back. I found myself actually being driven, motivated, and challenged by something. Even it that something was fear, it was pushing me in the direction I wanted to go, toward something that could possibly resemble some sort of destiny."
"I love the road. We share a mutual respect of one another. It shows me where to go and I follow. The road reminds us of what's most important. It shrinks our lives down to a single line that provides us with a simple choice between moving forward."
"I've spent a lot of time on the road. It's become a second home, if not my primary home. I talk with myself a lot, and at this point it doesn't feel crazy. If anything, it's a comfort to know that I haven't run out of things to say. In my experiences, I've been homeless, I've been alone, I've been stuck in the middle of storms, I've gone places that aren't connected to internet or cell towers and where animals roam wild. I still feel fear, I still get scared of the potential dangers that await in the wilderness. Like any other kid, I used to be terrified of the dark, the unknown, the feeling of emptiness that accompanied it. But now that same darkness is just a brooding prelude to a glorious and vibrant sunrise."