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Living for the Story. Creating to inspire.

Capturing The Journey



Ever since I started my photographic career, I've always wanted to use the medium to create an adventure. Not just for myself, but for my audience and the people who experience my work. An adventure is something new and unexpected. It's a challenging, broadening, inspiring experience. I've always believed that art is meant to be an adventure, both for the creator and the beholder. Photography has taken me to some pretty incredible places and has pulled me through some unforgettable experiences. It has become the utmost pleasure to be able to share my adventures with others through my art and my work. Regardless of the reason you came, whether you're looking for photography services or you're just passing through, let's find an adventure to embark on together.

Visual Art

Whatever memorable, precious, or exciting moments you want captured, find the right photography or videography package to fit your needs.

creative directing

If you have a project, promotion, or production you’re looking for a little guidance, I know I can offer some expertise to get the best possible outcome.

Workshops (Coming soon)

Wanting to learn a little more about photography, videography, or art in general? Meet your new teacher and check out some of my online courses.

— Ansel Adams
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About ME

My name is Joshua Kelly Winders, but you can call me J.K. I am a visual artist, creative director and consultant, documentarian, and an avid explorer. Ever since I was little, I have been enamored with art and the creative process. Born and raised in the state of Georgia, I have also coexisted in the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, California, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and several places in between. I spend most of my time traveling between jobs and personal passion projects. I have charted most of the continental United States, western Canada, and Europe. The blending of traditional lifestyle photography with the wonderment and joy of adventure, accompanied by rich tones and moody vibes, are what make up the unique aesthetic of my work. In all things, my aim is to explore and create to inspire.

In addition to photography, I am also an avid lover of writing, music, culinary arts, and many other creative mediums. I enjoy work that challenges myself and my abilities, and takes me to places I have never been and allows me to see things I have never seen. I constantly draw inspiration from old, vintage styles and techniques to discover new places to take my art and creativity. At my very core, I am just a young buck on a journey, unceasingly refining and establishing myself as an artist, an adventurer, and a young man.

Off The Beaten Path

The New Book From J.K.Winders


Coming Soon

Off The Beaten Path is my latest collection of photographs and stories from my past few years of travels and adventures. The book takes you on a journey across an array of stunning locations including the mountains of the Grand Teton range, the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, the dusty recesses of the high deserts, and the wondrous Canadian Rockies. Off The Beaten Path dives deep into ideas of creativity, identity, and exploration in an inspirational and uplifting way. Off The Beaten Path will be available for purchase on Amazon and on my online store this December. Pre-order is available now!